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Greenway Formula 7 - Bed Bug Solution 32oz

Ingredients: Clove Oil, Inert Ingredients: Purified Water, Almond Oil, Glycerin
SKU: GW-BB-32oz


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Our original formula... Proven, Tested, Loved.


Application Instructions for Bed Bug Product 32oz
If you have seen bed bugs or someone in your home is getting bit by bed bugs, you must treat your whole house/apartment.  You CANNOT treat only 1 room.  It will not fix your problem.
Start by spraying the baseboards of your whole house/apartment and spray the carpet as well.
Spray all furniture- Pull cushions off couches, chairs and spray down in the creases, flip over and spray bottom of furniture real well. If cushions have a zipper, make sure you unzip and spray inside real well. Do NOT saturate. Do not spray on vinyl, leather, plastic or fresh wood stain.
Open dresser drawers, spray product in drawers, underneath drawers and underneath dresser. 
Spray a mist of spray in closet on clothes.
Spray curtains, rugs, etc. 
Believe it or not, bed bugs also get inside electronics such as VCRs, DVD players and televisions.  Please do NOT spray the screen of the television.  Wipe spray off electronics with a dry cloth.  The residual from the product will continue working for 30 days. 
Take all bedding including mattress pad off bed. You can also spray bedding. Spray mattress, box springs, headboard, footboard and underneath bed.
Spray above all electrical outlets on the walls and behind pictures.
You can also wash all bedding, clothing, rugs, curtains, etc in the washing machine and add 1 cup of our all natural bed bug product along with your regular detergent.  The residual from our product will stay in the wash tub and enable you to wash 4-6 loads of clothing without adding anymore of the product.
You will get the best results from our product by doing all this at the same time.
Remember, our product is the only one on the market that is all natural and has been tested and proven 100% effective at a major university to kill bed bugs and we have the proof to back it up.  If you use our product correctly, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU! DO NOT DILUTE!
We recommend spraying when you get our product and spray again in 2 weeks.  Our product will kill the eggs, larvae and small bed bugs within 24hrs and the teen and adult bed bugs within 48hrs.   Depending on the infestation you have, it may require more than 2 sprays. FYI- You may also want to spray your vehicle as well. 

Thank you for purchasing our All Natural Bed Bug Solution
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